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Why business portrait is important?
Business is changing. Face-to-face meetings are less common, but human contacts continue to provide sales and successful business relationships. A business portrait in our studio is much more than just a photo - it is a marketing tool. It's almost certain that before people contact you will research what you look like to see who they'll work with. The business portrait presents you on all social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.
Company websites now add photos of their employees, which helps in friendly presentation of companies. With photos in one style, your team looks professional and united. High quality portraits show that you care about the image of your business, so you care about your work.
A professional portrait will give your employees a sense of pride. They feel good about their job and their role in the company.
Many professionals choose to set a photo into their email signature. Consistency with all of these profile photos create a strong brand image for your company.
Aleksey Kotin
Why choose us?
Because we take photos in our studio, we have the opportunity to continually improve our level. The business portrait genre requires excellent control of lighting equipment and an understanding of light.
Technical perfection
We use a medium format camera that delivers incredible detail and dynamic range. You can use your photos not only on social networks, but also to print them in almost any size. Swiss Elinchrom lighting equipment provides ideal light.
Individual approach and best solutions
We will always listen to your wishes so that we can find the most convenient solution, from time and place of photo session to photo retouching.
At the request of clients, we work together with a make-up artist and stylist.
Mercedes - Silberauto
Официальный дистрибьютер в Литве
Location - car showrooms in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda
The idea - due to very different shooting circumstances, it was decided to shoot in one light background. At the customer's request, despite the different premises, a single lighting scheme was created for all salons with a set of lighting equipment, which was presented and installed by our studio. In total, almost 100 employees were photographed.
Additionally - makeup for women
Leader in the sale of luxury real estate in Vilnius
Place - our studio in the Vilnius
The idea - to create a friendly but formal image. We had to make photos for each employee on three different backgrounds. 15 people at all.
Additionally - express make-up for all brokers
Magnetic MRO Vilnius team
The company specializes in the repair of aircraft engines. An unofficial photo was taken of the team photo, which can be linked to the company's activities.
The place - our studio in the Vilnius
The idea - a formal photo shoot with an open and positive image of the employees
Additionally - makeup
S. Tikhanovskaya is a the President of the Republic of Belarus, recognized by most democracies.
Location - client's office in Vilnius.
The idea - official positive and strong photos on a uniform background.
Extra - makeup for all members of the photo session.
Photo sessions in our studio
Do you take photos of company employees in the client's office?
Yes. We are experienced in setting up a business portrait studio in client offices. Because a high-quality business portrait cannot be made without lighting equipment, we bring all the necessary light with us. If necessary, we provide a background.
How to look good in your business portrait?
Always have a smile and a friendly expression.
Point your face at the camera. Avoid bright colors, bold patterns, and bulky clothing. These elements distract from the face.
Wear glasses if you wear them all the time. You want to look authentic in your business image.
Is make up necessary?
Makeup, optional but highly recommended for women. Because business portraits are always taken with flashes, professional photo makeup gives the skin a natural, nice look and avoids unwanted skin shine.
Who selects photos for retouching?
You can trust this work to us or choose the photos yourself. After the photo session, we send you a link to the photos in the cloud storage, where you can choose the photos you like.
Can I select more photos than planned?
Yes, retouching of each additional photo costs 10 €.

Business portraits pricing
(we will calculate a non-standard photo session on request)

Retouched photo
on request
Session time
45 min.
1 hour
2 hours
on request
on request
Clothing change
50 €
70 €
120 €
from 120 €
25 €
25 €
25 €
from 20 € for person
Stilisto darbas
from 100 €
on request
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