Prices and rules
  • Studios rental price
    1 hour - 20€
    Every additional hour - 10€
    Rental from 8PM till 8AM +50% to price
    (as sample 7PM till 9PM - 35€, 8PM till 10PM - 45€)
    From 11 to 15 participants - +10€
    From 16 to 20 participants - +20€
  • Equipment
    The studio price includes any three lamps with the modifiers you need and one flash trigger. The price of an additional lamp/trigger is €5 for the rental period.
  • Backgrounds
    Paper backgrounds are consumables.
    The use of a clean background, leaving dirty marks or damage on it, costs €9 per meter.
  • Reservation, cancellation, payment
    Studio's booking could be done only on our website.
    - free for 24h until the start of the rent;
    - less than 24h before rent - 50% of the rental cost;
    - no-show - 100% of the rental cost.
    The studio has the right to issue invoice for prepayment, 50% of the rental cost.
    The studio has the right to refuse to serve customers who have debts for the studio's services.
    Payment: in cash, by card or to a bank account (issued invoice) within three days.
    The rental cost is calculated only after the photo session, when the studio is cleaned and can be vacated.
  • Your time
    We ask you to come to the studio by the beginning of your time. If you would like to arrive earlier, please contact us.
    The rental end time is the time the studio is cleaned up and ready to be vacated. Shooting must end 10 minutes before the end of the rental time, so that you have time to put the studio in order. In case of being late to leave the studio for more than 10 minutes, a fee of 30€ will be charged.
    If you need to extend rental time, please contact administrator to see if this is possible. The extension step is 30 minutes.
  • In the studio
    Outdoor shoes are not allowed in the studio. Please bring a change or wear slippers (available at the entrance, free of charge).
    Backgrounds and light modifiers can only be changed by studio administrators.
    Please do not push the furniture - do not scratch the floor. If you need assistance - we will do it.
    Don't leave children and animals unattended. This can be dangerous for them and the studio equipment.
    The studio must be left in the same condition as you found it.
  • Participants
    The person who reserved the studio undertakes to inform all participants of the photo session about the rules of the studio, and is also responsible for their compliance with these rules.
    The studio is designed for simultaneous work of up to 10 people, including a photographer. If more people are planning to participate in the photo shoot, be sure to contact us to discuss the possibility of providing the service.
  • In the studio not allowed
    Without the permission of the administrator, it is prohibited:
    - use flour, paints, confetti, oils, combustible materials, sparklers and other items that can pollute / damage the studio;
    - drink alcohol, be in drunk condition, smoke.
    In case of violation, the studio may impose a fine of up to 100 euros and refuse further provision of services.
  • Responsibility
    Booking made on this site means acceptance of the rules of the studio.
    Material responsibility for damage to equipment, premises, furniture or accessories during the rental is the person who booked the studio.
    The studio is not responsible for physical damage to rental participants caused by the use of equipment, furniture or other items of the studio.
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